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REVIEW: 'What's Your Number' a Risque But Solid Choice for a Date Night

Lots of sex and a little bit of love is on the menu for “What’s Your Number,” a sassy, risqué but ultimately generic romantic comedy.

The romcom is inspired by the superficial surveys and ‘how-to’s’ of women’s magazines. Fired from her job and in relationship purgatory, Ally Darling (Anna Faris) falls victim to a magazine’s social survey. She discovers that the average number of sexual partners an American woman has in a lifetime is ten and anyone who has slept with more than 20 is deemed unlikely to be marriage material. To Ally’s dismay she realizes has slept with 19 men in the past and refuses to sleep with number 20 unless he is her future husband. To find Mr. Right, she enlists the aid of her playboy neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) to track down all previous 19 men to see if they are worthy enough to be her husband.

Thus begins Ally’s adventures donning disguises, changing accents and getting into trouble. While pretending to be someone she is not, Ally opens a door of self discovery.

“What’s Your Number” may suffer a little from the generic ‘finding Mr. Right’ plot but giving the film a deserved attention span is the vivacious performance by Anna Faris (“The House Bunny”). Faris takes complete command of the screen with her quirky delivery and bubbly personality. Doing successful comedy is said to be one of the hardest things an actor can do and Faris delivers both the laughs and the charm.

The chemistry between Faris and Evans (“Captain America”) is natural and always entertaining. The two make a great comedy duo, playing off each other’s sexual tension. Adding to the fun is Blythe Danner’s (“Meet the Parents”) performance as Ally’s wanna-be socialite mother.

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While the film is primarily about sex, there’s a charming innocence here that is absent from more recent raunchy comedies. The plot may be stale but Faris and Evans alone are worth enough for a perfect date film. Plus, it poses the inevitable awkward question for the trip home: what’s your number?

3 out of 5 stars