Kendra Wilkinson's New Book Explores Postpartum Depression, Spicing Up Sex Life in the Kitchen

Kensler Wilkinson celebrates at WET in Las Vegas. (Kabik/RETNA/erikkabik.com)

Kensler Wilkinson celebrates at WET in Las Vegas. (Kabik/RETNA/erikkabik.com)

In ‘Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, And Getting My Sexy Back,’ Kendra Wilkinson follows up on her best selling memoir ‘Sliding Into Home.’ 

In the sequel Wilkinson talks baby blues, divorce rumors and losing that baby weight! The E! reality star is sassy, honest, and admits that if she wasn’t a TV star, she’d probably be a stripper.

FOX411: It sounds like you had postpartum depression after the birth of your son Hank.

Kendra Wilkinson: It was a very lonely time for me. I had no one to be there for me and understand what I was going through. I felt like anybody I tried to reach out to, they never had any time for me or they didn’t understand or they were like, ‘Oh suck it up.’ and that’s not what I needed to hear. I just needed someone to hug me. I was very alone. I had a breakdown. It was a hard time to get through.

FOX411: Your breakdown where you threw dishes and things for two hours sounds pretty intense.

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Wilkinson: I went stir crazy. My dreams started becoming reality. I didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. I was in a strange city (Philadelphia) and it was snowing. I just stayed inside for two weeks straight. I didn’t go outside or nothing and it took a toll on me a little bit. It got to a point where I put an expiration date on my and Hank’s relationship.

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FOX411: Were you considering a divorce?

Wilkinson: It wasn’t a divorce expiration date, it was more a separation. Like if we don’t get what we need I’m going to have to go and hunt for it myself and we’re going to have to part and I don’t know how long that’s going to be. But I’m going to have to find a home myself. I’m going to have to be on my own because being together at that point was actually taking a toll on our relationship.

FOX411: When you two argued after your breakdown he actually passed out.

Wilkinson: Yeah he has asthma so he’ll pass out and he did.

FOX411: Did you think you’d killed him?

Wilkinson: No I kind of knew. I was like there’s no way so I just laughed but I helped him up though.

FOX411: When you were really depressed did you ever consider suicide?

Wilkinson: It didn’t get to that point. I know it sounds like it. I’m sorry there’s so much going on here right now you have no idea.

(Publicist cuts in. Can we call you back when we get in? Kendra calls back.)

FOX411: What was that?

Wilkinson: Oh we just arrived at the airport and we got TMZ and everything on me.

FOX411: Do you get tired of that?

Wilkinson: No I think it’s kind of fun.

FOX411: Even when you go to the playground with your kid?

Wilkinson: Yeah but we kind of expect it now. We’re not in denial. Every day we walk out of our house we expect something like that to happen. It’s better to be like that and be aware of it than to be in denial about it. We like to shake the hands of the people who are following us. It’s better to do that, than not know who is following us and be scared the whole time. We know their names, we know the cars they drive, we know a little bit about them so we don’t have to be so paranoid when these people follow us.

FOX411: You write a lot about maintaining a healthy sex life with a toddler.

Wilkinson:Yeah like I think the bed is just for sleep. We added into our room a massage table. We can stay in the room but off the bed. We added it because we wanted to spice things up a bit and have fun.

Wilkinson:You definitely want to take advantage of the time you do have. You don’t want to spend your time traveling to the bedroom, so wherever you can just have some fun you should. Explore and use what you can around the house like the couch. Like I built my island in the kitchen to be exactly Hank’s height.

FOX411: Not for cooking, for sex.

Wilkinson: Yes!

FOX411: Did you tell the contractor?

Wilkinson: Of course. He totally understood.

FOX411: Are you nervous to explain your past to little Hank?

Wilkinson: Not at all. I think it’s better to have an open relationship with your kids rather than not to. I’m not a bad person. I just tell my story. I’m a good person. I mean well. I make sure my family is my number one priority. It’s good to be open with your kids.

FOX411: What did you think of what happened to Hef?

Wilkinson: It’s better that she left him before than after.

FOX411: Have you spoken to him since it happened?

Wilkinson: I spoke to him a couple of times. I even went over there a couple of days ago. I asked him how he was doing and he said, ‘Good, I want to try and put this behind us. I want to talk to her.’ I was like, now that’s a strong man right there. As much as she hurt him he still wants to try and be friends with her.

FOX411: You did not get along with your ‘Dancing With The Stars’ partner Louis Van Amstel right from the word go.

Wilkinson: I’d never watched the show and someone had told me before I met my partner that Louis was gay. So when I found out I got Louis I was really excited. I thought, thank God, it won’t cause any problems between me and Hank. There won’t be any rumors that I’m cheating on Hank. So I was kind of relieved I got Louis for those reasons. So when I met him I said, ‘Thank God you’re gay’ and then he got really annoyed that I said that and this was in the first five minutes of meeting. I think right then and there I was like, ‘Uh oh.’

FOX411: And before every results show you would have sex in your trailer.

Wilkinson: On Tuesdays you’re in your trailer doing hair and makeup, you’re sitting around all day doing nothing and it gets really boring so I’d bring wine and have my husband come and spend some time with me.

FOX411: Did you have a sign on the trailer, ‘If this thing’s a ‘rocking, don’t come a ‘knocking?’

Wilkinson: (Laughs) No I think it was pretty obvious not to come in.