Journey Rocker Neal Schon's New Wife Slams Alleged Michaele Salahi Affair, Report Says

Did Michaele Salahi (left) steal Ava Fabian's husband?

Did Michaele Salahi (left) steal Ava Fabian's husband?

White House gate crasher Michaele Salahi spent her weekend rocking backstage in Tampa with Journey, waiting to run into the open arms of guitarist Neal Schon -- whose new wife teed off on him.

“This is very painful for me, and I’m very hurt,’’ Schon’s soon-to-be-ex, Ava Fabian, told TMZ.

Fabian, 49, a former Playboy pinup, tied the knot with Schon, 57, in July. Asked if she’d take Schon back after his antics with the equally married Salahi, Fabian replied: “No!’

But they apparently developed serious marital problems soon after. When Michaele ran off to be with Schon last week, Tareq said he thought she’d been kidnapped and called the cops. Deputies soon discovered she was with her new beau.

Tareq Salahi is now filing for divorce.

“She continually exposes our friends and acquaintances to her adulterous relationship and has flaunted the same throughout the community, the nation and indeed the world,” Salahi said in papers filled in Warren County, Va.

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