EXCLUSIVE: Nobody Would Hire Ryan Gosling to Play a Super Hero



Despite being one of the most swooned-over men in Hollywood these days, it seems all the super hero roles have been reserved for the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield. Hence Ryan Gosling had to settle for being a softly spoken stunt driver in Nicolas Winding Refn’s thrilling romance “Drive.”

“I really wanted to make a super-hero film but all the good ones were taken so I thought I would have to make my own at this point,"  Gosling told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. "But when I read this script I thought there was a way to do that with this stunt driver stuck in the mythology of movies, and that he had become so far removed and watched so many movies, that he started to see his life as one."

And it turned out the gig came with perks.

“It was one of the most amazing times I’ve ever had preparing for a film. Basically we would show up to an empty parking lot, there would be a new Mustang or new Camaro and we would drive it until it starts smoking and wouldn’t run anymore,” he continued. “And then someone would take it away and we’d go home and wait for someone to either fix the car or bring us a new one, and then would just do it again.”

But cars aren’t the only things that get deathly destroyed in the flick.

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“Gaspar Noé’s ‘Irreversible’ has the best head-smashing of all time. Nicolas and I were both in love with it," Gosling said.  So we called Gaspar and asked firstly could we do a head smashing, and then asked how he did it so he gave us some tips."


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