Scarlett Johansson's Lawyer Warns Websites to Take Down Her Nude Photos, Or Else

Scarlett Johansson's lawyer is going after websites that have published nude photos of Scarlett Johansson allegedly hacked from her cell phone.

Marty Singer has warned several sites that Johansson owns the copyright to her hacked nude photos, TMZ reports.

Singer is demanding that the sites remove the "stolen copyright protected private photographs." 

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"The highly personal and private photographs at issue capture our client self-posing in her own home in a state of undress and/or topless," Singer told the sites. "If you fail to comply, you will be acting at your own peril. Please govern yourselves accordingly."

Meanwhile the FBI is investigating the release of the nude photos allegedly hacked from Scarlett Johannson’s phone, FoxNews.com has learned.

"The FBI is aware of the alleged hacking incident and is looking into it," an FBI official told FoxNews.com.

Private cell phone snaps the star took of herself surfaced on the Internet Wednesday.

One photo shows Johansson draped in nothing but a towel, taking a photo of her exposed backside reflected in a mirror. Another shows the Golden Globe-winning actress in a topless self-portrait.

The FBI has reportedly been investigating hacks into as many as 50 celebs' email accounts, including those of Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba.

Three months ago, hackers released nude photos they claimed were of Blake Lively. Lively's rep denied the photos were of the actress and threatened to sue any web site that published the photos.