Jackie Collins: Today's Hollywood Scandals All Internet's Fault

Jackie Collins is back with yet another racy new novel. This one's called ‘Goddess of Vengeance,’ and it features Lucky Santangelo, who first appeared in ‘Chances’ back in 1981 and is now running a successful casino in Las Vegas. 

At 73, Collins is as plugged in to Hollywood as anyone, so we asked her what she thinks of today's stars versus. those from the 60s and 70s, when she and her big sister Joan ruled the roost.

FOX411: What shows do you watch?

Oh everything. I watched the season finale of ‘Entourage,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Hung,’ ‘Fornication.’ There’s so many good shows and then there’s reality television. I love ‘Big Brother,’ and the Kardashians are interesting to watch. It’s the Ozzy Osbourne show of this particular decade. There’s a lot of pop culture references in my book because that’s part of my life and what I’m watching and observing.

FOX411: Do you watch ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?’

I watch all the Housewives series. My favorite is the New Jersey one. I think it’s the most interesting one especially now because of the family dynamics. I don’t think the Beverly Hills housewives really reflects Beverly Hills and what it’s all about.

FOX411: You must get people telling you dirt all the time.

Oh yeah they tell me lots of stories. The drivers and the stylists and the makeup artists tell me tidbits and then the directors and movie stars will tell me things and I take it with a pinch of salt, mix it up and make the batter.

FOX411: You say there are true stories that you can’t use because they are so outrageous. What’s an example?

When I wrote a book called ‘Rock Star,’ all the rock stars were telling me stories. This one rock star told me about how when he was in Chicago he went out on a boat with triplets. So I did put it into the book but I changed it to twins and then I bumped into him at a party and he said, “Why didn’t you use the triplets?’ and I said, ‘Because nobody would have believed me!’

FOX411: Now you and your sister Joan hate each other right?

That’s so ridiculous.

FOX411: Kidding!

I know, it’s something the newspapers made up. We’re the best of friends. She lives in Europe most of the time but when she’s in L.A. we see each other at least three times a week. We’ve never been at each other’s throats. We did an interview with Piers Morgan the other day. It was the first thing we’ve ever done on television together, we did it because we wanted to put those stupid rumors to rest.

FOX411 Have you ever had any plastic surgery?

No I haven’t, but I think if people want to do it, great for them, but I’m not into that. I go out with my girlfriends every Saturday and we go trolling around Neiman Marcus to buy creams. I’m a cream person.

I really think a lot of women don’t look like themselves (when they have surgery) and you see great beauties in Hollywood who everybody knows they’ve done something and they don’t look like themselves.

FOX411: Do you think young Hollywood is more debauched now, or are people getting caught because of the Internet?

Oh I think people are getting caught now because of TMZ and all the paparazzi. People are getting caught doing the things they’ve always been doing. Everybody’s always been wild while they were young. Although I think doing a sex tape is a very dangerous path to do down because a lot of girls think that that’s going to get them started and it rarely happens.

FOX411: Don’t you think doing a sex tape is really cheesy?

I think so yeah though you never know if they are doing it purposefully or doing it for fun with their boyfriend.

FOX411: If you made one wouldn’t you make sure you had all the copies?

Absolutely. My message to women is, girls can do anything as long as they are careful.

FOX411: You had an affair with Marlon Brando when you were a teenager.

It wasn’t exactly an affair and it’s something I’m going to write about in my memoirs which are going to be called, ‘‘Reform School or Hollywood,’ because I came to Hollywood when I was 15. I’m going to save that story for my book.

FOX411: Were you shocked at how fat he got?

-Yeah it’s a shame when people let themselves go but they have their reasons for it and I think that’s for a psychiatrist to get into with them.

FOX411: You were kicked out of school when you were 15.

That’s when my parents said, ‘Reform school or Hollywood.’ They burned my clothes and said, ‘We don’t know what to do with you. Your sister is a movie star in Hollywood, we’re sending you to Hollywood.’ I was sent here for a year which I loved because she left for location the moment I arrived.

FOX411: What have been your most recent favorite scandals?

I think Arnold Schwarzenegger was pretty out there. To have a child with your housekeeper in the same house. I would say that’s incredibly tacky and incredibly wrong. Some men should just keep it zipped up forever and the Weiner thing was kind of bizarre because why is he photographing his junk and sending it out there on Twitter where anybody can see it? So those were two good ones but there were Tiger Woods and Jesse James who was a pig. Don’t get me started on men who cheat.

FOX411: Is that your pet peeve?

Yeah because I think the most attractive thing about a man is if he’s faithful. I think there are some men who are fantastic but incapable of being faithful like Bill Clinton. I remember sitting at a dinner party in Hollywood before Clinton was elected President and I was with one of his aides who said, ‘He’s going to be President,’ and I said, ‘That’s great,’ and he said, ‘But we have one problem, the zipper problem.’ 

FOX411: So anyone who dates Jackie Collins has to be faithful.

Yeah I believe in it. I was married for a long time.

FOX411: Are you dating now?

I’ve kind of said that I have a man for every occasion because I was married for most of my life, I was engaged for six years. I lost both men to cancer and now I’m single for the first time in my life and I love it. I love having people for different occasions.

FOX411: I assume you have some fabulous walkers.

Oh yeah, every girl has to have a couple of gay best friends. I love gay men. I think they’re fantastic. They’re so fun and you don’t have that hassle at the end of the night.