Celeb Daughters Explore Lesbian Flings, Affairs With Married Men in Movie 'Tanner Hall'

Ever wondered what growing up in an all-girls boarding school was really like?

Apparently it involves raging hormones, lesbian experiences, family fights, affairs with married men, putting male teachers in compromising positions, and just all around breaking lots of rules.

At least that is what two young women who drew on their own England boarding school days have envisioned in their big-screen drama “Tanner Hall.”

Longtime best friends Tatiana von Furstenberg (daughter of fashion legend Diana von Furstenberg) and Francesca Gregorini (daughter of former Bond girl Barbara Bach and businessman Augusto Gregorini, and the stepdaughter of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr) spent years swapping scandalous tales of their own English boarding school days. The two put some of those scandals into a script and co-directed their first jaw-dropping feature, starring Hollywood "It Girl" and football heiress Rooney Mara.

“It’s not your typical high school drama, it is a family drama. Boarding school is more true to the family experience,” von Furstenberg told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “We did try to make the movie about emotional truths and the authentic experience of emerging adults.”

While each girl in “Tanner Hall” is experimenting with sex, Gregorini said that it isn't the film’s sole focus.

“Sexual activity on film is, in and of itself, ultimately not that riveting," she said. "It’s getting there and the consequences after that really hold the drama and the tension."

“Tanner Hall” is visually gorgeous, featuring a handful of teen beauties living and learning together while housed in a castle-like building with sprawling acreage. 

“I hope that it was an accurate portrayal because I am currently responsible for my friend’s two children who saw the film and are now going away to boarding school,” von Furstenberg said. “It is interesting here in the U.S., there is this conception that you are either badly behaved or super loaded to go to boarding school. In England it is much less of a super expensive scenario.” 

And being a von Furstenberg had another big upside when it came to making the film.

“We had so little time to get ready for this movie, we literally had three weeks to prepare so my mom designed the uniforms,” von Furstenberg said. “But half of the wardrobe is mine and half of the stuff in the bedroom is mine – the curtains, the little red riding hood above the bed, the quilt from my childhood. It was very authentic.”

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