Who Finally Motivated Ozzy Osbourne to Quit Drinking?

Ozzy Osbourne (shown here with wife Sharon) is a new columnist for Rolling Stone magazine.

Ozzy Osbourne (shown here with wife Sharon) is a new columnist for Rolling Stone magazine.

His career has spanned some 40 years, filled with highs, lows, substance abuse and death-defying experiences. Now fans get to meet another side of  Ozzy Osbourne, a family man and passionate musician who five years ago embarked on a voyage to sobriety documented in the new film “God Bless Ozzy Osbourne.”

“My objective was to tell the most honest and upfront portrayal of my dad as possible. Everything I'd seen was very much focused on Ozzy Osbourne and the myth and that whole side of things there was never anything focused so much on the actual man,” son Jack Osbourne, who produced the documentary, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “People will be surprised about how astute he is, and how switched on he is. He is very aware of every little thing he does. After doing 'The Osbournes' (reality show) he has been sober now five years, and he is a very different person. I think people are going to be surprised about what he has gone through what he has accomplished and who he actually is.”

So what motivated the Black Sabbath singer to surrender the bottle five years ago?

“He just wasn’t thirsty anymore,” Jack said. “He had had enough. Eventually there is that breaking point.” 

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But according to sister Kelly Osbourne, when Jack decided to change his life and seek help for substance-abuse issues several years ago, his famous father decided to follow suit.

“I really believe that my brother has a lot to do with dad’s (sobriety.) Jack changed a lot of things when he changed himself, and it’s hard for a father to look at his son and say, ‘if he can do it, how come I can’t?’ Also his bike accident (Ozzy was badly injured in 2003 and underwent emergency surgery) had a lot to do with it,” Sharon said. “To pretty much die and be brought back to life again makes you rethink a lot of things.”

We also couldn’t help but ask: what was it like growing up under the thumb of one of the biggest rock music icons in history?

“This is a phrase my father always said to us, what goes around comes around… you play, you pay. And he still says that to this day,” Kelly continued. “No matter how much money he makes and no matter how successful he is, he will always be that boy from Aston he will never forget where he came from.”

And despite being the son of a rock legend, Jack said he never felt pressure to be anything more than just himself.

“I know my role. I’m not a musician, and I never even tried to be,” he told us. “Growing up in England we were in the middle of the countryside so you couldn’t really get up to that much – it was ‘don’t play with fire’ and ‘don’t fight with your sister.’ When we moved to Hollywood it was different, we had a curfew. I was never scared when mom was yelling at me, but when she said ‘I’ll get your father’ I knew it was business.”

But thanks to Ozzy’s booze ban, things between the iconic music mogul and wife Sharon Osbourne couldn’t be better.

“Ozzy is now the man we always knew he was, but now he is that way permanently instead of just in little snippets. One day he was great but then it would go downhill,” she explained. “He is the man he should be all the time now and its fantastic. It sounds weird, but he is he is a very, very gentle soul.”

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