'Jersey Shore's' JWOWW Would Want to Be Stranded on a Deserted Island With ... Snooki?

During a red carpet event at Las Vegas' Pure Nightclub on Friday, "Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWOWW" Farley didn't hesitate when it came to deciding which castmate she would being with her on a deserted island for "hooking up" purposes.

"Nicole would be perfect for hooking up with and just having a good time with," said Farley, referring to popular Jersey Shore cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. "And…she would drive me nuts."

The Jersey Shore star also talked to FOX 411 about the tremendous success of yet another season of the hit reality show. She believes this season, filmed in Italy, might be the best one yet.

"Italy by far was one of the most intense (seasons),” said Farley. "I think it all came down to me and my roommates and we had to rely on each other because we were out of the country."

As for the continued success of the program entering it's fourth season, Farley thinks it's because viewers can relate to them and don’t necessarily view the Jersey Shore cast as celebrities.

"When girls watch our show, they know girlfriends fighting, they know what it feels like for” makeups and breakups” and the ups and downs that we go through," said Farley. “('Jersey Shore') is real and a lot of shows now aren't real."

JWOWW and the"Jersey Shore" crew are all about displaying their muscular physiques on the show and are often seen participating in their ever so popular "GTL" ritual (gym, tan, laundry). When asked who she thought had the best physique in Hollywood, Farley gave the nod to actor Channing Tatum. But the reality starlet had a difficult time remembering his name.

"What's his name? Chadum Tatum?," said Farley.

JWOWW wasn't able to remember the "Step Up" star's full name, but at least you know he would be welcome to hang out with the crew at Seaside.

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