Ann Curry Too Busy Dodging Pirates, Famine in Africa to Worry About Townhouse Squatter, Report Says

Anne Curry (AP)

Anne Curry (AP)  (AP)

NEW YORK -- "Today" co-anchor Ann Curry knows that a homeless hobo has been camping out in her abandoned $2.9 million Manhattan townhouse but is too preoccupied with dodging Somali pirates and a blistering famine in East Africa to do anything, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

"She's surrounded by dying children, heavily-armed warlords and pirates," a "Today" co-worker said. "The townhouse is not exactly something she's focusing on."

Curry and her husband, software executive Brian Ross, bought the house in 2003 and embarked on a massive renovation.

They stopped about five years ago after getting slapped with 25 violations by the city and a lawsuit by neighbors angry over the noise and debris.

The squatter turned the Upper West Side townhouse into his own crash pad about a year ago.

He was spotted passing by it several times Monday. Asked why, he said, "Because this is my neighborhood. I live here."