This isn't so groovy, baby.

Mike Myers has closed a deal to once again play the super-horny shagadelic International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers, HitFix reports.

In other words, "Austin Powers 4" is on its way to a theater near you.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Which movie franchise needs to die? 

We have to admit, this one took us by surprise. It's been almost a decade since "Goldmember," the last "Austin Powers" flick. So why the comeback now?

Well, the most obvious explanation is that Hollywood loves making sequels to proven hits. Little risk, almost guaranteed reward.

While we kind of got our fill of Austin with the first movie in 1997 (no one could ever really replace Liz Hurley), we have been a big fan of Myers since "Wayne's World." And we'd love to see him overcome his 2008 flop, "The Love Guru."

That said, we're not convinced there's a fourth story that Austin needs to tell.

From "Austin Powers" to "Sex and the City" to "Cars," let us know: Which franchise needs to die, like, yesterday? 

<a href="" title="Mike Myers to Star in 'Austin Powers 4': Which Franchise Needs to Die?">Mike Myers to Star in 'Austin Powers 4': Which Franchise Needs to Die?</a>