Michael Moore 'Endorses' Matt Damon: Which Celebrity Should Run for President?

Matt Damon (Reuters)

Matt Damon (Reuters)

Matt Damon may soon be doing a little "Good Will Hunting" near you ... if Michael Moore has his way.

"I think that [Matt Damon] has been very courageous in not caring about who he offends by saying the things that need to be said here, and if you want to win, the Republicans have certainly shown the way -- that when you run someone who is popular, you win," Moore recently said. "Sometimes even when you run an actor, you win. And I guess I only throw his name out there because I'd like us to start thinking that way."

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Not only is 40-year-old Damon involved in many causes, such as the need for clean water worldwide, he generally doesn't bite his tongue when it comes to the issues.

Recently, he defended tenure-seeking teachers to a conservative reporter, and he argued that wealthy people like himself should be paying more taxes.

"The wealthy are paying less than they paid at any time else, certainly in my lifetime, and probably in the last century," he said. "I don't know what we were paying in the roaring '20s; it's criminal that so little is asked of people who are getting so much. I don't mind paying more."

He's also taken aim at one of his former pet causes -- President Barack Obama. He used to support the President, but he's had issues with Obama's relationship with Wall Street and his stance on education.

"I really think he misinterpreted his mandate. A friend of mine said to me the other day, I thought it was a great line, 'I no longer hope for audacity,' " he told Piers Morgan in March. "He's doubled down on a lot of things, going back to education ... the idea that we're testing kids and we're tying teachers salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order. We're training them, not teaching them."

Whether you agree with him or not, Damon does have an eloquent way of speaking his mind. He's also married with four kids (three biological), went to Harvard (didn't graduate) and won an Oscar (for writing, not acting).

That said, there's also been a lot of political buzz around Kelsey Grammer and Alec Baldwin lately.

Let us know: Which celebrity should run for president?


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