Steamy Smurfs need red carpet hydration in New York's heatwave
The steamy air in New York during arrivals for "The Smurfs" at the Ziegfeld Theatre led to fears that three actors in padded Smurf costumes could suffer heat exhaustion, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

They were forced to leave the red carpet in between taking photos with the movie's stars Neil Patrick Harris, Sofia Vergara, Hank Azaria and Katy Perry, on Sunday afternoon and wobbled as the temperature hit 91F.

"They were stumbling around like little drunk Smurfs," a spy quipped.

A Sony Pictures representative reassured the Post, "We were careful to keep them primarily in an air-conditioned area, and made sure they were properly hydrated, fed and given breaks."

"The Smurfs," which had its premiere at the Broadway theater, is an animated comedy due for release in the US on July 29, and the UK on August 10. It will be released in Australia in September.