'The Bachelorette': 2 Guys Hit the Fantasy Suite, 1 Guy Heads Home and 1 Guy Returns

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert (ABC)

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert (ABC)

Ashley's men made her decision a little easier for her this week as yet another suitor voluntarily chose to go home on "The Bachelorette."

In Fiji, Ashley was torn between Ben F., Constantine, J.P. and . . . Ryan P.

Wait a second, you ask: Didn't Ryan P. get the boot a few weeks ago?

Indeed he did. But he came back to get rejected a second time this week, confessing to Ashley that he felt there were things "undiscovered" between them, if only they had more time.

While Ashley reveals to the audience that she did wonder if she made the right decision in sending Ryan home, we know we weren't the only ones cringing as he made a complete fool of himself in front of millions of people. Again.

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Meanwhile, Ashley's relationship with Ben F. is steamier than ever. From the sexy sunscreen application to the snorkeling to Ben's earnest declarations of affection, we knew Ashley and Ben were heading to the fantasy suite (aka enjoying an "overnight" date). 

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/fun/the-bachelorette-2-guys-hit-the-fantasy-suite-who-should-ashely-pick-ben-f-or-jp/question-2011259/" target="_blank" target="_blank" title="'The Bachelorette': 2 Guys Hit the Fantasy Suite; Who Should Ashely Pick — Ben F. or J.P.?">'The Bachelorette': 2 Guys Hit the Fantasy Suite; Who Should Ashely Pick — Ben F. or J.P.?</a>

Constantine also might have gotten the chance to "forego his individual room" to spend some time with Ashley, but he wasn't interested. After a fun helicopter ride, he confesses that he's not "110 percent sure" that he's in love with Ashley -- and that means the end of the road for him. Ashley knew things were moving much too slowly with Constantine, but it was still kind of embarrassing that he was the one to pass on the one-on-one time.

J.P., on the other hand, looks like he's being tortured by the simple fact that there are still other guys in the competition. "I want this to be over and that it's me," he admits. Despite her connection with Ben F., J.P. turns Ashley into a schoolgirl -- and she doesn't waste much time before taking him back to the fantasy suite.

So who's it going to be, Ben F. or J.P.? Ashley says she's "most compatible" with soulful Ben, but she and J.P. "complement each other." Our money's on her more passionate relationship with J.P., who has just enough "bad boy" in his eyes to hold her interest, but not so much that he's venturing into Bentley territory. In other words, we're pretty sure he'd much rather propose to her next week than swim in pee.

--Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman, PopNews Wire