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FOX411 at Comic-Con: Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake Like Geeks, Guns



It was Justin Timberlake’s very first Comic-Con convention, and the pop star-turned-movie star was right at home among the herds of screaming fan girls, colorful capes and swashbuckling super heroes.

“I embrace my inner nerd everyday… we’re just flowing into our first Comic-Con experience. We’re being eased into the situation but we’re very excited to be here. I’m geeking out,” Timberlake told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while promoting his forthcoming sci-fi FOX action thriller, “In Time.” And if he wasn't famous and in a movie there? "I would still come, I would dress up.”

Timberlake's “In Time” co-star, Amanda Seyfried, wasn’t quite so spellbound.

“I think it’s amazing that all these people can dress up and not be judged,” she said. “But I don’t like big crowds much. Claustrophobic is the word for it. I don’t leave my house that much.”

Plenty of people came out to get a glimpse of the celebs and see some never-before-seen footage from Andrew Niccol’s highly-anticipated “In Time,” which depicts a futuristic world in which people stop aging at 25 and must work to buy themselves more time.

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“There’s a scientific reason we chose the age 25,” Niccol explained. “There is a reason that rental car companies won’t rent a car to those under 25 because the frontal lobe of your brain hasn’t fully developed until you’re 25. It’s the part of your brain that controls reckless behavior, which is why they don’t want you behind the wheel until you reach that full maturity.”

But what appealed to Seyfried most about the script when it first came her way?

“The guns,” she said.

And while her co-star Timberlake has made the move from music to movies seamlessly, having shared the big screen with everyone from Cameron Diaz to Mila Kunis to Jesse Eisenberg to Mike Meyers in recent releases, the former “N’Sync” singer hasn’t found the transition too challenging.

“A lot of what I did with music was pretty theatrical, I create characters, I express ideas, and I just get to write them," Timberlake said. "While it seems they are worlds apart I could tell you nine things for every one thing that is alike about them, so I am enjoying the creative experience very much."


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