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EXCLUSIVE: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Talk George Clooney’s 'Emotional Unavailability'

George Clooney doesn’t make a cameo in the upcoming romantic comedy “Friends With Benefits,” but the long time Hollywood bachelor still has a presence as both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s characters take aim at his playboy rep in the flick.

So will Clooney be cool with being deemed “emotionally unavailable?”

“I’m pretty sure George Clooney, when he gets in his boat in Lake Como, and comes out of his house in Lake Como, will be okay with it,” Timberlake told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column as Kunis nodded in agreement. “No, Clooney put on a huge benefit for Haiti, so I’m pretty sure he is emotionally available.”

Talking about her film about commitment and the lack thereof, Mila Kunis said there are “just too many things” that turn her off in relationships to possibly narrow it one to one.

“I feel like guys are a lot more lenient, girls just expect guys to screw up,” Timberlake said. “The worst thing a woman can do is set me up for failure, expect me just to do something wrong!”

On the subject of turn-offs, fellow “Friends With Benefits” star Jenna Elfman has one prominent pet peeve: the drama that stems from a man under-the-weather.

“When guys get sick, what’s the deal? What’s the deal with the drama? As if you have leprosy or something when it’s the common cold,” she lamented. “I’ve got two kids over here and you’re being so dramatic about your cold that I’m like, ‘What’s up? Can you please tell me?’ That’s my pet peeve. Take care of yourself.”

Theatrics aside, the 39-year-old star has still managed to stay married to actor Bodhi Elfman for two decades, which is no mean feat in Tinseltown.

“In Hollywood, as actors, to be together for 20 years is like a miracle, and I think we should win an award. (Our key is) communication and we don’t keep secrets. We’re human beings, nobody is perfect and you make mistakes,” Elfman said. “I think secrets are what drive people apart and make things weird. When something’s on the table, you’re looking at it. You can’t go any farther than the truth. The truth is the truth, and then it’s just how you going to deal with the truth. That’s character-defining and that’s what defines your relationship. That’s what makes a nice challenge, and makes you grow and makes you smarter.”

And although Patricia Clarkson, who plays Kunis’s hedonistic and hippie mom in the romcom, is amused by the whole “Friends With Benefits” ideology (sleeping with a pal without any emotional attachment or commitment,) it isn’t something she feels is personally do-able.

“I grew up in the 70s; the world was still kind of old-fashioned. Things were starting to change from the 60s to the 70s, but there was no such thing as a concept of friends with benefits. I think that’s why I personally couldn't have a friend with benefits,” she told us. “I love my friends and I love the lovely romantic men I’ve been involved with, but they’re separate.”

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