Melissa McCarthy Talks About Being 'Repulsive' in GQ: Who's the Funniest Female Comedian?

Melissa McCarthy (AP)

Melissa McCarthy (AP)  (AP2011)

As far as Hollywood is concerned, a star was born in this spring's hit movie "Bridesmaids" -- and it wasn't Kristen Wiig.

Thanks to her hilarious, over-the-top performance (including one, um, memorable scene) Melissa McCarthy -- who just received an Emmy nomination for her sitcom "Mike & Molly" -- is Hollywood's new golden girl.

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"Let any debate about 'women aren't funny' be put to rest," "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig tells GQ. "I would do anything with her, and she's got such range that she kind of can do anything."

The best thing about McCarthy? She's not afraid to be "repulsive."

"Honestly, I've always felt that Melissa is hands down one of the most incredible performers I've ever worked with," her "Bridesmaids" co-star Maya Rudolph told GQ. "When we were making 'Bridesmaids,' I secretly delighted in knowing that vintage McCarthy was about to be unleashed upon the world, and I was excited to tell the world, 'Hold on to your ass.'"

From McCarthy to Wiig to Ellen DeGeneres, let us know: Who is the funniest female comedian?


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