Rumored J.Lo Fling and Latin Soap Star William Levy Accused of Sexual Battery on a Minor, Report Says

William Levy in a still from Jennifer Lopez's video "I'm Into You."

William Levy in a still from Jennifer Lopez's video "I'm Into You."

Latin soap star and rumored J.Lo fling William Levy has been accused of sexual battery on a minor, according to a report from Radar Online.

Court documents state that on July 19, 2010, Levy, dubbed the “Cuban Brad Pitt,” tricked the unnamed plaintiff, who was infatuated with him, into coming back to the Hilton Hotel in Glendale, Calif and forcing her to perform a sex act on him.

Levy responded to the suit in September of 2010, adamantly stating that the act was consensual. The lawsuit is coming to light just days after he has been linked to Jennifer Lopez.

During the course of their conversation at a Hilton restaurant, Levy allegedly invited Plaintiff to a private room for discussion. "Defendant then maneuvered himself so that Plaintiff could not walk in any direction without passing Defendant,” Radar quoted the suit against him as saying.

The complaint goes on to say that he forced the women to perform a sex on act on him, strangling her in the process, Radar reports. The incident also left the minor with a sexually transmitted disease, the suit alleges. She was later taken to a local medical center.

Levy responded to the lawsuit on September 30, 2010 saying the plaintiff deceived him into believing that she was a 19-year-old consenting adult and that the act was completely consensual. According to Radar, he is demanding a jury case to settle the matter.

According to Radar, Levy said of the plaintiff, she "was at no point, whatsoever, physically restrained" and states that her physical and emotional distress was "self-inflicted."

Levy claims local authorities investigated the incident and found no probably cause to proceed in criminal action against Levy.

He also claimed she tried to extort $950,000 from him in exchange for her silence.

According to Radar, the alleged victim is seeking $2.5 million in damages.

The lawsuit is still active, although no trial date has been set.

The 30-year-old television star has recently been in the press after being romantically linked to Jennifer Lopez. He appeared in the video for her single “I’m Into You” earlier this year and separated from his wife of eight years just weeks after the shoot.

But Levy told TMZ Monday that “the only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.”

Lopez announced her split from husband Marc Anthony last Friday.