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Topps Issues George W. Bush Autographed Cards, First Ever for a President



Could a President George W. Bush someday be worth more than a Honus Wagner?

The Topps Company, Inc. announced on Wednesday that its 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter product will include 200 limited edition autographed cards of the George W. Bush. 

It’s the first time in history that a former United States President has provided an official signature to a baseball card. 

“Our 2011 Allen & Ginter product will continue Topps’ historic tradition of chronicling heroes both on and off the playing field,” Topps VP, Mark Sapir, said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s set will include limited edition autographs of our country’s 43rd President, George W. Bush – marking the first time ever that a living President has made their autographs available in a trading card product.”

The limited edition autograph cards feature an image of Bush throwing out the first pitch at Game 3 of the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium, just weeks after the 9/11 suicide bombings of the World Trade Center.

Also included are 10 special cards signed in red ink, some with inscriptions next to the former president’s autograph, including “#43” and “U.S.A.” 

In addition, the 440-card set includes 40 World Champion autograph subjects including Mickey Ward, Manny Pacquiao, Lou Holtz, John McEnroe, Kristi Yamaguchi and Annika Sorenstam.

Hollie McKay has been a FoxNews.com staff reporter since 2007. She has reported extensively from the Middle East on the rise and fall of terrorist groups such as ISIS in Iraq. Follow her on twitter at @holliesmckay