Cosmetics Company Teams Up With Funeral Home to Offer Makeovers for Meeting Your Maker

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A U.K.-based cosmetics brand has teamed up with a funeral home to offer a customized post-life makeover for the deceased.

Cosmetics brand Illamasqua, who counts celebs like Courtney Love and Lilly Allen as fans, teamed up with British funeral home Leverton & Sons for “The Final Act of Self Expression.”

Prospective clients can pre-plan their “last glamorous look” with a specialized makeover that is tailored to them, according to the company's blog.

“The rite of passage to the afterlife has been of central importance to human culture for thousands of years,” Illamasqua writes.

Among the possible makeup options are a smoky eye or scarlet lips.

The service is aimed for those “whom making-up is an intimate part of their identity."

The makeup artists will be trained by embalmers at Leverton & Sons to learn the proper way to work with the deceased.

Prices for the “final journey” makeover begin at around $700.