Sarah Jessica Parker Admits to Breaking Down, ‘Feeling Ashamed’ on Set of New Film

Published July 12, 2011


Sarah Jessica Parker may be a Hollywood veteran, but that doesn’t mean that the actress thinks that her job ever gets any easier.

The star of the new film “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” admits to Vogue magazine that before each film, she still suffers from a serious case of nerves.

“I lose my appetite,” she says. “By Wednesday of the first week on 'I Don’t Know How She Does It,' I was sobbing, I was apologizing. I was feeling so awful and ashamed, like I had let the director down. If only they would not tell me when the camera was running, I would be OK. I’m like that two weeks into every movie.”

But Parker says she was comforted to learn that her co-star Pierce Brosnan suffers from a similar fear.

“He was a nervous wreck,” she tells Vogue.  “Of course, by then I was really relaxed, but I was so comforted by it.”

The “Sex and the City” star, 46, also tells the magazine that she was ready to put the Carrie Bradshaw years behind her, despite her great love for the character.

“It wasn’t hard when I didn’t have children,” she tells the magazine. “I loved  it. But I ultimately chose to stop doing the television series because I felt like it required, and deserved, a lot of time when I really wanted to be a parent.”

For now, Parker is happy to get roles at an age when she thought the work would slow down significantly.

“I assumed that at this point in my life I would be feeling frustrated, left behind, or marginalized, playing parts I was reluctant to. But I’ve been so busy, I’m not so sure that I see this fallow period yet. I’m not saying it’s not coming and that it won’t hit me like a ton of bricks, but I do find work that I’m excited about and interested in with people that I want to work with.”

The August issue of Vogue hits newsstands July 19.


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