Lindsay Lohan Tops Week's Internet Hot List

Lindsay Lohan. (X17Online.com)

Lindsay Lohan. (X17Online.com)

She’s a free woman once more, and you noticed. 

Lindsay Lohan experienced a publicity-laden seven-day stretch en route to claiming the top spot on this week’s Gossip Center Hot 45 List. 

The “Georgia Rule” actress dominated headlines thanks to her legal woes and a club excursion upon her first day of freedom after court-ordered house arrest. And while they weren’t quite on LiLo’s level when it comes to web magnetism, runner up Angelina Jolie and third place finisher  Justin Bieber both also got you clicking away.

Lohan kicked things off with a bang, facing a Los Angeles judge over a failed alcohol test administerd during her time under home confinement. While prosecutors pushed for jail time, Judge Stephanie Sautner decided that the alcohol infringement didn’t count.

The soon-to-be 25-year-old was back in the spotlight Wednesday when she was officially released.

Lindsay headed out on the town later the same night to attend a friend’s going away party at Lexington Supper Club. Joined by pal Emile Hirsch, the troubled actress later turned up in tabloids that claimed she was stumbling drunk. Other reports said she merely tripped due to the hectic paparazzi scene.

As for the big movers of the week, Hugh Hefner and Aaron Carter rose on the Gossip Center Hot 45 List by leaps and bounds. The Playboy founder has seen his appeal increase ever since his now ex-fiance Crystal Harris pulled the plug on their planned wedding last week. Wasting little time on the rebound, the 85-year-old has already announced two new girlfriends, dating a pair of blonde beauties named Anna Sophia Berglund and Sarah Bechard.

As for Carter, the "Crazy Little Party Girl" singer skyrocketed from the 274th slot up to 32nd after he admitted that he was provided drugs and alcohol at the age of 15 by the late Michael Jackson. Carter, now 23, told Australia's edition of OK! magazine, "He gave me cocaine. I felt weird about that and other stuff. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15.” 

"I admired Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot," Carter added. "Then my mother called the police."

Falling fast this week was actress Renee Zellweger, plummeting from the 40th ranking to  225th on the latest Hot 45 List. The 44-year-old actress seems to have purposely removed herself from the public eye, as she’s been absent from headlines and sightings for some time now.

Because on the Web, if there are no new photos or gossip stories, there are no clicks!

Check back next Friday to see how your favorite celebrities fared. And keep checking back to Gossip Center for the ever changing Gossip Center Hot 45 List.