What Career Would Julia Roberts Pick If She Wasn't an Actress?


Published June 30, 2011

| FoxNews.com

The showbiz thing obviously worked out for Julia Roberts – not only is she an Oscar winner, but at one point she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. But had her dreams not come true, Roberts had her sights set on quite a different career path.

“I would be a home economics teacher,” Roberts told FOX411’s Pop Tarts at the premiere of her new romantic comedy “Larry Crowne."

Her co-star Tom Hanks, who also wrote and directed the movie, also contemplated what he would do if it all were to end tomorrow. 

“You would open a bookstore, and you’d serve coffee in it,” wife Rita Wilson chimed in.

Hanks nodded.

“But here is the bad thing, I would tell stories while I’m doing that, so that officially (counts) as show business doesn’t it?” he questioned.

On-screen, Hanks plays Larry Crowne, a Navy veteran who loses his job at a big-box store and decides to enroll in community college where he befriends a group of outcasts and falls in love with a speech professor, played by Roberts.

And there’s a motivational message embedded in there for everyone.

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“’Larry Crowne’ as a movie tries to make it easier to fight the cynical aspect of how tough things are and it’s hard to move forward, it's hard to be able to think that if we all pull together we'll get through this,” Hanks said. “If we are a little courageous, things might be okay."

Moreover, Roberts hopes the film gives people from all walks of life a little push to keep sloughing through the trying times.

“I hope it gives audiences the optimism to just to keep on going no matter what your trials are,” she added.