'Top Model' Star Accused of Ramming Car Into 'Survivor' Contestant's Grandma

Michelle Deighton (WWE)

Michelle Deighton (WWE)

When reality shows collide....

"Survivor" star Johnny Fairplay's grandmother, whose death he lied about while on the reality show, claims Fairplay's estranged wife rammed her car during a heated vehicular stand-off earlier this month and then fled the scene.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Fairplay's estranged wife, former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Michelle Deighton, returned to Fairplay's home to pick up several of her items.

Fairplay was out of town at the time and had changed the locks at the couple's home when his grandmother went to check 

Fairplay's grandmother went to check on the couple's home while Fairplay, who had changed the locks on his estranged wife, was out of town.

When Fairplay's grandmother arrived at the house, Deighton was already there and she informed the top model contestant that she was trespassing, and blocked the driveway with her van while calling police.

According to the report, Michelle allegedly rammed granny's car trying to get out and then took off across the front yard, empty-handed. Attempts to reach Michelle were not successful.

Fairplay's grandma was admitted to the hospital this weekend to get checked out but despite what her license plate reads, "DEAD-GMA," she's still alive.  No kidding. It's in the report.