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Tattoos, Man Stealing: Is Jennifer Aniston Turning Into Angelina Jolie?

Jennifer Aniston, bad girl?

Exhibit A: In recent weeks, Aniston has been seen hand-in-hand with her new boyfriend, actor Justin Theroux. 

Just one problem. 

According to multiple reports, Theroux was living with his girlfriend of 14 years, costume designer Heidi Bivens, when he hooked up with Aniston.

That would make Jen a home wrecker.

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Exhibit B: Aniston was just snapped showing off her very first ... tattoo! The body ink in question? A tribute to her beloved Corgi-terrier Norman, who passed away last month, aged 15. 

Tattoos... Man stealer... Wait a second - is Jen morphing into Angelina Jolie – the very woman who caused her marriage to Brad Pitt to fall apart?

Some say ... maybe.

Jennifer Aniston definitely seems to be taking a page out of the Angelina Jolie book! She's savvy and she knows what people want to see from her," Radar Online entertainment reporter Alexis Tereszcuk told FOX411's Pop Tarts. "She just wanted Justin no matter what and went after him. It seems like she doesn't care about the fact that he had a girlfriend.  He might have told her they were broken up but Heidi didn't seem to know. Jen once said Brad was missing a sensitivity chip but it seems like she's the one now who is missing the sensitivity chip."

Human behavior expert Patrick Wanis, PhD, agrees that there might be some morphing going on – whether Aniston is actually aware of it or not.

“Jennifer may be subconsciously modeling and matching Angelina because she sees that Angelina has what Jennifer always wanted – stability in love, success on and off screen and meaningful goals that unite and deepen the bonds between Angelina and Brad,” he said.

Aniston had to expect that sparking a romance with a man still living under the same roof with his girlfriend was going to subject her to at least some degree of media fodder and mistress tie-ins.

"Aniston had to know that becoming romantically involved with someone who’d been in a long-term relationship would come under media scrutiny due to the contrast with her lengthy perception as ‘the wronged woman’ in the Pitt-Jolie situation," said Hollywood entertainment and pop culture expert Scott Huver. "It may be a case of ‘the heart wants what it wants,’ or Theroux’s prior situation may not have been as stable as it seemed, but in any case ,Aniston certainly had to be braced for the comparison – and maybe even welcome it."

Both Jolie and Aniston have been Hollywood sex symbols for years, although their approach to maintaining that status is strikingly different.

Aniston makes a conscious effort to flaunt her fabulous figure to the world – stripping down in her raunchy new comedy “Horrible Bosses,” in addition to posing on the July cover of Marie Claire where she ditched a bra and opted only for a men’s jacket. On the other hand, Jolie is almost always pap-snapped donning oversized, baggy clothes – she even wore a wetsuit this week while taking a dip with her family in a water park in Malta.

Could all of this be Aniston's way of projecting that sense of wild abandon that Jolie does naturally?

"Jennifer is becoming the very things that she may have despised in Angelina, but perhaps secretly wished she was - strong, sexy, independent, fearless," Wanis added. "And someone who doesn't seek other people's approval."

Others argue that Aniston's behavior, which seems incongruous to her squeaky clean, all-American character, may reflect a mid-life adjustment more than any Jolie influence.

"Tons of people get tattoos, and many do so in their 40's (and beyond) to try to fit in with the younger generations. And no one really can 'steal' another person from a relationship.  That person is responsible to the relationship they have been in," said Los Angeles-based psychologist, Nancy Irwin. "Jen would have to do a lot more than this to morph into Angelina. I'd be concerned about that if she adopted five kids from five countries."


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