Second Victim in Ryan Dunn Crash an Iraq War Veteran, Report Says

The fallout from "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn's fatal car accident continued Tuesday as the identity of the second victim was revealed, and film critic Roger Ebert backed off his initial comments about the crash.

Dunn's friend Zachary Hartwell, 30, was in the passenger seat of Dunn's when it veered of a Pennsylvania highway and burst into flames early Monday morning, the investigating coroner confirmed.

The two friends had been out celebrating a new deal they had signed.

Hartwell was a former Navy Seal who had been on three tours of Iraq, RadarOnline.com reported. He had just gotten married last October, and Dunn's girlfriend had been a bridesmaid at the wedding.

“That is them and another friend toasting one another in the last Twitter photograph," a source told the website, refering to a photo Dunn posted on Twitter shortly before the accident took place. "We do not think they were drunk or anything like that. Zachary was not a big drinker at all. Ryan’s girlfriend Angie was a bridesmaid at Zachary and Rachel’s wedding."

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Both Dunn and Hartwell were pronounced dead at the scene. Excessive speed was being eyed as a cause, and toxicology tests are now being performed.

Meanwhile Roger Ebert said on Tuesday he was "probably too quick to tweet" when he posted on Twitter about "the accident.

Ebert tweeted that "friends don't let jackasses drink and drive." The message prompted a landslide of posts on Ebert's Facebook page, and the popular social network temporarily took down his page for violating terms of use. 

Ebert responded, asking Facebook on Twitter why his page was removed. He wrote that it "makes you look bad."

A few hours later, Ebert tweeted that his Facebook page was "back online." Facebook apologized and says Ebert's page was "removed in error."