'Dallas' Reboot on TNT: What's the Best Prime-Time Soap of All Time?

A shot of 'Dallas' Season 7 on DVD.

A shot of 'Dallas' Season 7 on DVD.

We know, we know -- some of you weren't even born yet when "Dallas" went off the air after 13 seasons in 1991. (Justin Bieber wasn't even a glimmer in his mom's eye.)

But if you missed the pop culture phenomenon the first time around -- which drew a whopping 84 million American viewers in 1980 -- you're now getting a second chance.

The prime-time soap that epitomized 1980s excess and brought you the famous question "Who shot J.R.?" is coming back on TNT.

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And Larry Hagman and Linda Gray, who played the iconic J.R. Ewing and Sue Ellen, will be back for round two, along with Patrick Duffy.

"Filming was so fabulous," Gray told E! Online of working on the show, which is still waiting to get picked up for a full season by the network. "It was just amazing. It was surreal, fun, nostalgic, everything. Everything rolled into one. And reuniting with Larry and Patrick [was] quite something."

And while it's unlikely that J.R. will get shot this time ("I don't think they'll pull that ploy again," Hagman quipped to E!, laughing), it is your second shot at watching the show.

Let us know: From "Dallas" to "Desperate Housewives" to "Gossip Girl," what's the best prime-time soap opera of all time?