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Kathy Griffin Has No Plans to Stop Palin Family Attacks

Sarah Palin (l) says comedienne Kathy Griffin is a '50-year-old bully' (AP).

Sarah Palin (l) says comedienne Kathy Griffin is a '50-year-old bully' (AP).

Kathy Griffin has long been using the Palin family as fodder for her stand-up routines. Yet despite the backlash, she still has no intention of biting her tongue.

“They Palins are always supplying material and I've got my eye on all of them of course, and so the great thing is that they consistently deliver,” Griffin told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style issue party. “Every time they open their mouths, Sarah in particular, she usually says something that most comedians can take from, if you know what I'm saying. I don't think she's going to stop anytime soon, luckily for me.”

Griffin sparked a storm of controversy in December last year when she criticized former “Dancing With the Stars” finalist Bristol Palin over her weight, claiming that the 20-year-old gained 30 pounds per week while competing on the show. 

The 50-year-old entertainer then ignited even more outrage earlier this year when she launched an attack on 16-year-old Willow Palin, declaring to The Hollywood Reporter that was time to “offend a new Palin” and thus prompting many to question if targeting a teen was inappropriate and distasteful.

However, Griffin has no regrets.

“I only made fun of Willow, who's 16, who called someone the f-word, and not the four lettered fun f-word, but the gay pejorative,” Griffin said, referring to the controversy pertaining to a reported row between Willow and a class mate on Facebook last year. “So with all my work in the LGBT community, I think by 16 years old, you know not to use that word and you know that it can be a game-changer for people, for young people in particular. So when people say I went for her kid, I went for her 16-year-old who used a word that I think maybe would have an adverse effect on a gay teen living in Wasilla, Alaska which I have visited. But I will make fun of everybody and everything!”

On that note, Griffin also said the Palin taunts have all been in the name of humor and she personally has nothing against the high-profile political family.

“It's all in joking, absolutely. It's all in fun,” she said. “ I have no personal issues with anyone.”

Deidre Behar contributed to this report.


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