Twitter Abuzz as American Idol Sends Casey Abrams Home

arrives at Paley Center for Media's Paleyfest 2011 event honoring "American Idol" held at Saban Theater on March 14, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

arrives at Paley Center for Media's Paleyfest 2011 event honoring "American Idol" held at Saban Theater on March 14, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.  (2011 Getty Images)

And then there were five.

"American Idol" is down to five contestants after Casey Abrams was voted off the show. Who will be America's next pop star is anybody's guess, but from the beginning, fans had plenty to say on Twitter under the #American Idol hashtag.

When the judges came out together and walked to their dais, Jennifer López wore a red form-fitting dress. But it was Steven Tyler who drew the most attention with a large flowy hat and cream-colored puffy shirt. To fan Anne Morris, the garb was very familiar.

"I feel compelled to point out that Steven Tyler is wearing an almost exact replica of an outfit J.Lo wore in 2002," she tweeted.

But all jokes aside, it was a nerve-wracking wait for diehard fans of the hit show who knew results were coming -- whether they liked them or not.

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"This is the first time ever that I don't want anyone one to go home on #AmericanIdol :( ," Jillian Colón tweeted as the show was starting.

The show seemed to be teasing fans as the results were dangled but still out of reach. A group medley from the final six contestants, performances and a question-and-answer session all came before the results were unveiled. But then, host Ryan Seacrest got down to business.

Haley Reinhart (@HReinhartAI10), one of two women left in the final six, was safe from elimination, much to the delight of fans following along on Twitter.

"Makes me very happy that @HReinhartAI10 is safe and going to be in the Top 5," Melissa Crook tweeted. "I hope she makes it to at least the Top 3," she wrote.

Fan Mariah Beck threatened to boycott the show if her favorite contestant didn't make it through the episode.

"I swear if James Durbin goes home tonight, I will never watch another episode of #americanidol as long as I live," she tweeted in warning.

But Mariah's fears were allayed as Durbin was the next contestant who Seacrest moved into the final five.

Half-Puerto Rican star Bruno Mars then took to the stage, much to the delight of Idol fans.

"Bruno Mars is in the house!!!" and "Aahhhhhh!!! @BrunoMars is perfoming on #AmericanIdol!!! Love it!" were examples of how they felt about the hat-wearing crooner.

But when the results began again, tensions rose. None of the contestants wanted to be in the bottom three, where one of them was sure to be going home.

When Seacrest told Lauren Alaina that she would not be going home, she literally jumped for joy as her fans rejoiced.

"I'm cryiiing right now with @LAlainaAI10 saaaafe! She's the only reason why I'm still watching," Letícia Mello tweeted.

While the news was joyous for some, the decision meant that Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams and Scotty McCreery were in the bottom three.

"Jacob, Casey and Scotty are the bottom three,"@_LaChicaLoca tweeted along with a sad face.

But @ThePALberto was more upbeat about the news. "Scotty McCreery in the bottom three! Yes! He might go home!" he tweeted. 

Soon thereafter, Lusk was announced as safe and fans were disappointed to see two of their favorites with one foot out the door.

Seacrest built the suspense once again as McCreery and Abrams stood waiting in silence with their dreams on the line. The host announced that Abrams was going home and the bottom two contestants embraced before he sang his last song. But on Twitter, it was clear that fans were outraged.

"Casey should be the winner of AI! Not going home tonight!!!! Bad decision," Abbey Harris tweeted.

Lauren Gladney added, "#CaseyAbrams had the most true musical talent on #AmericanIdol...I can't believe he's going home."

Fans weren't the only ones to believe that Abrams was a different kind of talent. The farewell video montage showed a clip of judge Randy Jackson calling Abrams the most talented musician the show has ever had.

But despite Abrams' sad exit, not everyone was regretting his ouster. 

"What a waste of a save," Brianna L. King tweeted. "Could of saved Pia!" she wrote, referring to Pia Toscano, who was voted off the show in a shocking decision and couldn't be saved because the judges had used their only save on Abrams.

Nonetheless, fans who can't wait to see the high-intensity Abrams again need only look to his last tweet before the show.

"TOUR DATES BABY," he posted along with a link in preparation for the tour the final group of "American Idol" contestants will go on.

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