It wasn't as shocking as the first time he was voted off, but we really didn't expect Casey Abrams to leave "American Idol" this week.

Casey, however, didn't seem overly surprised by Thursday's results -- a far cry from last month, when he nearly passed out onstage after receiving the judges' save.

True, his overly gimmicky performances can get a little annoying, but we're still not sure why his gal pal Haley Reinhart was safe with her not-very-memorable performance of "Beautiful" when her awesome performance of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" knocked her down to the bottom three last week. Did she steal some of her boyfriend's votes? Or did Casey just lose people with the "growl"? (As Jimmy Iovine put it, "The family dog does not vote on this show.")

We thought the most likely person to go home this week was Jacob Lusk, even though we really enjoyed his performance of "Oh No Not My Baby" on Wednesday. It wasn't a total comeback like Haley's -- Jacob was still in the bottom three -- but it's clear that he still has plenty of fans out there.

The other huge surprise, even bigger than Casey going home, was seeing Scotty McCreery standing in the bottom three. Jimmy thought his quiet performance of "You've Got a Friend" may have been too subtle, and it looks like he was right.

At this point, the only contestants who have never been in the bottom three are James Durbin and Lauren Alaina, who seem likely competitors in next month's finale. Though with all of the ups and downs in this competition, anything can happen.

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A few more thoughts on Thursday night's show:

--Jennifer Lopez's red dress was a flashback to her infamous green Grammy dress from 11 years ago. Hot stuff!

--Crystal Bowersox really and truly hasn't changed a bit. If she hasn't had a Hollywood makeover by now, we're guessing she probably won't have one. Go Mama Sox!

--Ryan Seacrest (subtly) dissed Taylor Hicks. Did you catch it?

--Like Randy Jackson, Jimmy Iovine thinks James Durbin can win.

--We know the royal wedding is only a few hours away, but did anyone figure out what the "Idol" contestants were doing at the British consulate? And why Fred Willard was there?

--Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman