One thing about the cast of "American Idol" Season 10: They always give us something to talk about.

Casey Abrams kissed Jennifer Lopez on Wednesday night and inspired Steven Tyler to drop the F-bomb, but even so, he still couldn't steal the show from James Durbin.

Casey sang Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe," which seemed a bit mainstream pop for the show's resident "weird genius," in our opinion. He rocked it out, but we were still a little bored . . . until he went right up in Jennifer Lopez's face and gave her a kiss. We didn't see any mouth-to-mouth action, but Jennifer seemed to enjoy whatever it was, revealing to the world that Casey has "soft lips."

Steven Tyler, in true lothario form, added that Casey did what he's been trying to do for four months. But from there, he went off the rails, declaring that Casey pissed off millions of Americans because he's "so f---ing good." First of all, Steven, if Casey's so good, why is America pissed off? And second of all, why are you dropping the F-bomb on prime-time network TV? Don't they give fines for that or something?

But it made for good television.

Let's move on to James, who really deserves to be the talk of the evening. Not only was his performance of Muse's "Uprising" the best of the night, we thought it was one of the best performances of the entire season. James' voice is unbelievable, even when he's not doing "the scream" -- and between the drummers and the backbends, the guy knows how to put on a show.

We also really liked Haley Reinhart's performance of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." The song really showed off her voice, and we were definitely feeling it.

But we can't say we were totally overwhelmed by the other contestants on Wednesday. You'd have to have to a heart of stone not to be in love with Scotty McCreery, but even J-Lo and Randy Jackson were a little bored by his somewhat cheesy performance of LeAnn Rimes' "Swingin."

Jacob Lusk really let us into his soul with Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father," but the performance itself was a little rocky, and Randy even used the dreaded phrase, "If you're here next week."

VIDEO: Watch the latest "Idol" performances.

Stefano Langone was pretty good, showing his Chippendale dancer side on Ne-Yo's "Closer." J-Lo thought he had his "swag going on," but we still think he's bottom three material.

Finally, Lauren Alaina sang Sara Evans' "Born to Fly," and it was light and sweet but nothing that really stuck with you. The judges encouraged her to try for the "big notes" next week, which was good advice -- but as long as James is giving a free rock concert, we'll be tuning in.

--Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman, PopNews Wire