Maná to Celebrate Release of New Album "Drama y Luz" in Los Angeles

Maná, the legendary and world-famous Latin rock band, is back in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of their new album "Drama y Luz."

Thousands of fans flocked to see them in person on Tuesday.

FOX 11's Christina Gonzalez has the story in the video report.

Story Script:

Alex González, Band Member

What a way to welcome us back. It's incredible!

Sergio Vallín, Band Member

Incredible. Incredible. We are very excited to be here.

Maná, one of the most influential Spanish rock bands, is back.

Fans lined up for blocks outside of Hollywood Amoeba to celebrate the band's new album, "Drama y Luz", which has been five years in the making.

Fher Olvera, Maná

We are really happy to be back ... It's a record full of hope.

That's exactly what fans said they were expecting.

Maná Fan

My grandpa listened to them. My dad. And, now, we're gonna listen to it.

Alex González, Band Member

It's crazy. We were doing a sound check and we looked back at each other. Can you believe this? We are back. It's awesome. It's great.

For Maná's concert schedule, text MANA2011 to 76051.

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