Models Eat Cotton Balls Dipped in Orange Juice to Curb Hunger, New Book Says

Model Sessilee Lopez on the cover of Latina magazine.

Model Sessilee Lopez on the cover of Latina magazine.

No matter how badly a mother wants her daughter to succeed, she has every reason to be freaked out when she sees that her daughter’s contemporaries consider “lunch” to be dipping a cotton ball in OJ and eating it. 

Model Sessilee Lopez‘s mother, Janice Celeste, has just self-published a guidebook for parents with daughters in the modeling industry called "Making a Supermodel."

 Janice said she published the book on Lulu.com because other parents often messaged the self-titled “momager” on Facebook with questions and concerns about the modeling industry. 

So, what horrifying tidbits does Sessilee’s mom have to scare share with other parents? 

Models often sleep 12 to a room, steal each other’s personal possessions, and sometimes have agency-approved “chaperones” who are not much older than the models themselves. 

This book, plus Crystal Renn’s eating disorder memoir "Hungry", could probably dissuade any parent from letting their daughter model — or make them more cautious. 

Which, let’s be honest, would be a good thing.

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