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Suri Cruise in High Heels, Lipstick and Eating R-Rated Gummy Bears

Suri with dad Tom Cruise and mom Katie Holmes. (Reuters)

Suri with dad Tom Cruise and mom Katie Holmes. (Reuters)

Suri Cruise, daughter of Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, hit headlines in 2009 when she was photographed wearing high heels at the ripe old age of three, prompting some to question the long-term impact it could have on her growth and development. 

It turns out that was just the beginning.

Last week Cruise and her famous mom hit up New York’s Serendipity 3, where the toddler was pap-snapped handling “Penis Gummies.” Holmes reportedly did not purchase the adult-themed candy.

But she did get her daughter, who turns five in April, a pacifier to suck on, which some experts say poses a health risk.

"The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says pacifiers do provide some protective effort to reduce SIDS in babies under 1-year-old. There is no benefit of having a pacifier over a year of age," Texas-based pediatrician and author of Baby 411, Dr. Ari Brown told FoxNews.com. “Older children who continue to use pacifiers tend to be very oral and put other things in their mouth. They don’t explore with hands, but instead put everything in their mouth and are therefore picking up a lot more germs. And if the pacifier falls out while they are sleeping, the child wakes up looking for their pacifier, and it causes disrupted sleep.”

Suri has also been spotted on multiple occasions over the years donning dark lipstick while out in the town with her mom, and according to dad Tom, loves to join Holmes in getting her nails done. The four-year-old is also sadly accustomed to the paparazzi-shrouded lifestyle, and is often spotted hiding her face Lindsay Lohan style. 

So is Suri’s behavior simply cute, or a sign of something worrisome?

“At the age of little Suri, one would expect her to be enjoying the pleasures of childhood. Is she growing up too quickly? The answer is a simple one - she isn't growing up at all,” Shirlee Smith, parent trainer and CEO of Talk About Parenting with Shirlee Smith, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Hollywood influence is a tragedy in many ways but particularly when it comes to helping pre-schoolers play like they are adults."

Others have more empathy for Suri growing up in the spotlight, and for her parents who have to fend off photographers, and blame a celebrity-mad public for any problems.

“Growing up is hard. Growing up with famous parents is very hard. Growing up with parents so famous that the paparazzi is chronicling your every move...as a five year old ...should be off limits,” said Jason Maloni, Chair, Sports, and Entertainment Practice at Levick Strategic Communications. “The public should find a better outlet for their web surfing energy, and cut the child and parents some slack in the process.”

Deidre Behar contributed to this report.

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