From Sandra Bullock to Chloe Sevigny: Who's the Frumpiest Female Celeb?

Chloe Sevigny (X17 Online)

Chloe Sevigny (X17 Online)

Sandra Bullock underwent a makeunder for her new movie, "Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close," sporting frizzy hair, cheap-looking office clothes and pantyhose.

But Bullock's not the only actress alerting the fashion police. Last week, "Big Love" star Chloe Sevigny was spotted in Hollywood with messy hair and a dated-looking denim jacket on top -- and a racy short skirt, garters and stockings on the bottom (not to mention an unfashionable cigarette).

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From dumpy Bullock to quirky Sevigny to wacky Helena Bonham Carter to trashtastic Ke$ha, let us know: Who is the frumpiest female celeb?