Lindsay Lohan Out at Clubs, Making Out With 'Random Guy'

Lindsay Lohan at a New York Knicks game. (Reuters)

Lindsay Lohan at a New York Knicks game. (Reuters)

Despite coming to town to spend some "quiet time" with her family, Lindsay Lohan was up all night partying with reality stars at the New York City's hottest nightspots.

On Wednesday, Lohan hit the scene at The Lion before visiting two clubs where she was spotted kissing a mystery man. She even managed to fit in a secret rendezvous with former girlfriend Samantha Ronson at the Standard Hotel earlier that afternoon, although they were spotted leaving separately.

Lohan, who insisted she wasn't drinking and carried a water bottle all night, hit the town with a crew including "The City" star Samantha Swetra and Next Models booker Derek Saathoff, who appears on Logo's "A-List" and once boasted that Lohan always sleeps at his place when she's in New York.

PICS: Lindsay Lohan in New York.

A source told us, "There was no way she was going to stay home with her mom. She had dinner, and then, bringing along her water bottle, went clubbing to SL, where she hung out with Tyson Beckford and got in the booth with DJ Phresh. She seemed totally sober and upbeat. She asked if Sam Ronson had been there the night before."

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Lohan requested several songs before she was approached by Knicks star Jared Jeffries, who asked for a photo. Another source said, "Tyson was telling her, 'You're so amazing, you're so beautiful, you're so talented. It would be so sad to see that talent go to waste.' They cheered with water." Lohan then took the party to 1Oak and made out with "some random guy," a spy said.

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