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EXCLUSIVE: Blythe Danner Thinks Nuclear Power Plants 'Ruined' America

Blythe Danner and Gwynneth Paltrow. (AP)

Blythe Danner and Gwynneth Paltrow. (AP)

In the wake of Japan’s catastrophic earthquake and subsequent nuclear power plant disaster, actress Blythe Danner (mom to Hollywood A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow) is voicing her disappointment that America built nuclear power plants in spite of past protests.

“I chased after these people that were trying to build a nuclear power plant on the San Onofre fall when I was pregnant with my son 34 years ago,” Danner told FOX411’s Pop Tarts at the premiere of new sci-fi flick “Paul” earlier this week. “A lot of mothers banded together and said ‘no, you can’t do this’ but they did it anyway, and now look what has happened to Japan. We must not build a nuclear power plant on a fault. We were ruined the day we did that.”

Danner is also urging fans to donate to the victims of the recent tragedy in Japan – but select your charity wisely.

“There are lots of things that are coming up on the screens. Find charities like Catholic charities where there is little overhead and the money goes directly to the people,” she said.

And on the subject of environmental destruction, Danner, 68, hopes that there is somewhere else we can all escape too when the earth finally falls apart.

“There are in fact billions of stars out there and the possibilities are endless. Even those who aren’t obsessed [with science fiction,] like I’m not obsessed, it’s a quandary that there has got to be life somewhere out there,” Danner added. “The way we are treating this world here, there better be so we can escape. Scary isn’t it?”