Who's the Best Fake News Anchor?

"Saturday Night Live" is kind of uneven these days if you ask us. Some weeks it's hilarious (Miley Cyrus as Justin Bieber, Fred Armisen as Joy Behar), other times it's pretty painful (most skits with Kenan Thompson).

But one cast member who's having a standout season is Seth Meyers, "SNL" head writer and host of the fake-news sketch "Weekend Update."

This Saturday, Meyers had us laughing with his jokes about International Women's Day intersecting with Mardi Gras ("Show us your boobs, but only if you're OK with that!") and Obama admitting to being bullied about his ears and name as a kid ("Or as he now calls it, 'The good old days.'")

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But many talented comedians have sat in Meyers' chair before him, including Chevy Chase, who originated the role, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. He also has competition from faux news anchors like Will Ferrell, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

Let us know: Who's the best fake news anchor of all time?