Larry King Joining Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show'?

Larry King and his wife Shawn Shouthwick. (AP)

Larry King and his wife Shawn Shouthwick. (AP)

Larry King is set to make his TV comeback as a contributor on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, the New York Post reported Monday.

After King was wheeled out of CNN in December, Comedy Central declared with a straight face that "there's not enough Larry on TV" and started early talks with him about being a regular on Stewart's show.

"A single conversation has happened. It's still extremely preliminary. He'll be on every now and again, like [comedian] Lewis Black. He's not joining as a correspondent but a contributor," one source said.

But other sources claimed King was talking to his close friends as if it was a done deal.

Stewart was a staunch King supporter in his final days at CNN and even appeared on his final program. Stewart also told him, "You're the last guy out of a burning building, my friend."

A Comedy Central rep said, "We love Larry."