Paul 'Crocodile Dundee' Hogan Compares Tax Man to the Taliban

Paul Hogan. (AP)

Paul Hogan. (AP)

"Crocodile Dundee" star Paul Hogan lashed out Tuesday at the Australian Tax Office, comparing the agency to the Taliban as his five-year, $152 million tax battle continued.

Hogan repeatedly insulted ATO officials in an interview on Australian station Channel Nine's "A Current Affair" program, calling them "ego-tripping mongrels" and "bullies."

"I have picked a great enemy. I may as well have picked the Taliban to take on as the tax office -- there are very few people who are up there supporting them," he said, adding that the tax battle destroyed his reputation. "It's over. I used to be 'Hoges the funnyman' or 'Crocodile Dundee,' but now I'm the 'tax man.' Google it. They've turned me into the 'tax man,' and that never goes away."

While the Australian Crime Commission dropped its criminal investigation into Hogan and friend John Cornell for alleged fraud and tax evasion in November 2010, the ATO was continuing its parallel investigation into the actor over unpaid taxes.

Hogan told The Australian newspaper in an earlier interview Tuesday that the ATO was seeking $152 million in unpaid taxes, including penalties and interest. He said he was being treated as "guilty until proven innocent," alleging that the ATO cut off his sources of income in Australia, imposed limits on his overseas travel and refused to provide detailed information to back up its claims, the newspaper reported.