Group of Witches Seeks to Bind Charlie Sheen From Using the Term 'Warlock,' Report Says

Charlie Sheen. (Reuters)

Charlie Sheen. (Reuters)

A group of warlocks in Salem, Massachusetts say they will perform a binding ritual against Charlie Sheen Sunday to prevent him from using the word “warlock in a negative way,” the Salem Gazette reported Thursday.

Earlier this week, Sheen described himself as a “warlock” during several interviews, daring his bosses at CBS and his critics to take him on.

But a group of witches was not happy about what they see as abuse of the word and witchcraft in general, which they claim is all about healing and peace.

Christian Day told the Gazette that “warlock” originally referred to men who interacted with the spirit world and that it is not a “battle cry,” as the contexts of Sheen’s statement suggests.

And now, the group of witches plans to take matters into their own hands to prevent Sheen from abusing what they consider to be their religion.

Day tells the Gazette that the group will not perform a hex or a curse, but will instead cast a spell that “puts the bee in the bonnet, physically.”

Lorelei Stathopoulos, a former fan of “Two and a Half Men,” tells the Gazette that she is concerned for Sheen and hopes the ceremony will help restore balance and peace to the actor.

“His soul is starting to wander to the other side,” she said.

The ceremony will be performed by the witches, but the Gazette reports that the public is invited to attend.