Verne Troyer Hopes to Shed "Mini-Me" With Web Series

Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, meet "Mini 007."

"I'm just traveling, trying to be international," Verne Troyer, the actor who most of us know as “Mini-Me” from the “Austin Powers” series of movies, told FOX411. "I can be like James Bond…a jack of all trades!"

FOX411 caught up with Troyer during the Starkey Hearing Foundation's celebrity poker event at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas this past weekend. Troyer recently took a trip to Israel to model for a popular Israeli clothing line called "TNT," but he said not to expect a runway career in the near future.

"They called my agent, they booked it and that's how it happened," laughed Troyer. "It's a great (clothing) line and the (staff) was great."

When he wasn't busy modeling, Troyer took some time out to enjoy his trip to the Middle East and even called it a "spiritual awakening."

"It was cool because I've always wanted to go," said Troyer. "It was a great experience and I definitely want to go back."

As for his entertainment career, Troyer will soon be shopping around a web series about his personal obstacles of making it as an actor in Hollywood while trying to shed the "Mini-Me" typecast.

"It's basically about me and the difficulties of Hollywood for someone who gets stereotyped all the time," said Troyer. "It's about me really trying to make my way."