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EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Studios Provide Content For Nudity Website, Owner Says

Lucy Lawless in 'Spartacus.' (Starz)

Lucy Lawless in 'Spartacus.' (Starz)

While Hollywood prepares for the Academy Awards on Sunday, somewhat different cinema and television awards are being given out tomorrow: Mr. Skin’s 12th Annual Anatomy Awards.

MrSkin.com, run by Jim McBride, is a website centered on celebrity nudity “from the male perspective” and offers movie reviews, photos and clips from mainstream movies.

So how does Mr. Skin gets his hands on these ultra-sexy snaps and videos? Illegal screen grabs? Shady downloading?

Nope. According to McBride, the Hollywood studios actually send McBride racy pics and clips for “review.”

“Mr. Skin helps sell a lot of DVDs and movie tickets, and we hear from a lot of guys who check our site when deciding what videos to rent online,” McBride told Pop Tarts. “Studios and PR companies hear that, too. It comes down to the site attracting nine million unique visitors every month who are highly motivated movie and TV fans. So from the very beginning, Hollywood has recognized Mr. Skin as a promotional powerhouse. We receive screener videos and screening passes from more than 75 studios.” 

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So who are the Anatomy Awards' big winners in 2011? Pop Tarts can exclusively reveal that Lucy Lawless takes “Best Nude Over 40” for her role in “Spartacus,” “Best Bikini” was snagged by Kim Kardashian in “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami,” and “The Killer Inside Me” stars Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson won for “Best Spanking Scene.”

And the “Actress We Most Want to See Naked in 2011”? 

"Just Go With It" star Brooklyn Decker.

“I consult closely with our content and editorial departments to make sure that no worthy nominee is overlooked,” McBride explained. “There has never been an actual ceremony but it’s something that has been discussed and may happen in the future."

All of the winners -- in categories are a lot crazier than these -- will be officially announced on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show on Wednesday. 

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