Which Celeb Has the Worst Hairpiece?

Talk about a case of hair today, gone tomorrow.

Earlier this month, John Travolta accepted an award in Berlin for best international actor -- with a full head of dark, shiny tresses.

But just two weeks later, he had decidedly less hair during a family trip to Hawaii, where he was celebrating his 57th birthday.

SLIDESHOW: Which celeb has the worst hairpiece?

So what happened? 

Clearly, Travolta wears some kind of hairpiece or weave -- an adornment that has been rumored for years but is now obviously confirmed.

But we're glad to see Travolta -- one of our favorite actors -- taking it easy. Less than two years after the tragic death of his son Jett, his wife gave birth to their third child, Benjamin, three months ago.

As the "Pulp Fiction" comeback kid knows, aging in Hollywood can be rough -- so we understand why Travolta wants to sweep his 57 years under a rug now and then.

From Travolta to Marv Albert to Elton John, let us know: Which celeb has the worst hairpiece?