EXCLUSIVE: Denise Richards: 'No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors'

Feb. 9: Denise Richards at the Heart Truth's Red Dress Fashion Show. (AP)

Feb. 9: Denise Richards at the Heart Truth's Red Dress Fashion Show. (AP)

In the midst of all the drama that continues to surround her ex-husband Charlie Sheen and their two daughters, Denise Richards defended her family to FOX411, saying people shouldn’t be so quick to judge other people ‘situations.

At Wednesday night’s Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fashion Show in New York City, Richards said, “It’s easy to judge on the outside, no one knows what’s really going on behind closed doors.”

“You never know what’s going on unless you’re in that person’s shoes,” she added.

It’s undoubtedly been a tough few months for Richards, after Sheen was hospitalized last month after a reported drug and booze-filled 36-hour bender.

Since then, Sheen has voluntarily entered rehabilitation treatment at his home. But for those close to him, a great deal of stress over the troubled star’s life choices seems to be a harsh reality.

According to Us magazine, Sheen’s parents Martin and Janet Sheen are reportedly considering filing a conservatorship over his finances, while his bosses at CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” have said they were increasingly worried about him.

But Richards, who is raising their five and six-year-old daughters, is reportedly doing everything in her power to protect the girls from the countless reports in the media about their father. And, as she told FOX411 last night, she herself is trying to stay healthy under a stressful situation.

“People will say what they want," she said."But I’ve learned to ignore it.”