Lindsay Lohan Asks Friends to 'Pray,' Could Face Range of Sentences


Published February 09, 2011


Lindsay Lohan was charged on Wednesday with felony grand theft charges related to a $2,500 necklace she allegedly stole from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store.

Leading up to her court appearance, the troubled actress was spotted getting her hair done, and was reported to have been “unconcerned” by the accusations.

Yet on Wednesday morning, the butterflies had arrived..

“Lindsay was asking us to pray for her,” a source close to the star told FOX411’s Pop Tarts.

So what lies ahead for the 24-year-old if convicted?

“She is looking at 16 months to two years on a midterm sentence, or up to three years in jail on the high term,” said Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, R.J Manuelian. “Realistically however, I think if she is found guilty, she’ll get 60-120 days in a county jail, along with 30 days community service or house arrest.”

Manuelian said that Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman-Holley, will most likely present the case that the item was given to the actress and miscommunication occurred over its return.

Furthermore, the prosecutor will need to prove that Lohan was motivated with the “specific intent to deprive the owner of their property” in order for the case to stand up in court.

Although not likely, Manuelian said Chapman-Holley could also use the defense mechanism that her client was “under the influence of drugs” at the time of the theft.

“Although this obviously would be a violation of her DUI probation, it is similar to an insanity plea and negates the charge,” he explained. “It may be better for her to do 60-90 days in state jail than three years in a state prison.”

However, even if the judge finds Lohan not guilty for felony grand theft, Judge Fox (who presides over her DUI case) may still feel she violated her probation.

“Judge Fox could call a hearing just based on the fact she is consistently having brushes with the law,” Manuelian added. “And so even if she misses out on jail time for the felony, she could get it for violating her probation.”