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Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman Discuss Awards Season Style Picks

Feb. 7: Natalie Portman at the 82nd Annual Oscar Luncheon

Feb. 7: Natalie Portman at the 82nd Annual Oscar Luncheon

Expectant mom and “Black Swan” star Natalie Portman has certainly been the talk of the fashion world for her style choices this awards season, but the 29-year-old seemed somewhat confused that style has become such a big deal in the industry.

"It’s certainly all about leaving space for growth,” Portman told the press at the 83rd Academy Awards Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Monday, when asked to elaborate on her fashion choices for the upcoming showdown. “But it is always surprising that’s become the conversation instead of the movies now – ‘what are you wearing?’"

Speaking of fashion, fellow Best Actress nominee Nicole Kidman revealed her two-year-old daughter has a huge say in what she wears to the Oscars this year – and she may very well end up looking like Portman’s psychologically disturbed “Black Swan” character.

"Sunday Rose has a pretty strong opinion, and she chooses what she calls 'pretty dresses.' She has a strong voice in what I’ll be wearing on the night of the Oscars,” Kidman said. “Fingers crossed, I could be wearing a tutu."

As for the newest addition to the Kidman-Urban clan?

“Faith Margaret is home in her crib,” Kidman said of daughter, who was born via a surrogate mother in Nashville in December.

And despite the rumored tension between “The Social Network” star Jesse Eisenberg and his real life character, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Eisenberg sang his praises following their weekend appearance together on “Saturday Night Live.”

"I was nervous to meet him, because I had spent now a year-and-a-half thinking about him. I was doing everything he did, taking fencing lessons because he fenced in high school,” Eisenberg explained. ‘I had built up this great anticipation and then we met under circumstances that were far more anxiety producing, which was to be on national TV together.

“Mark has been so gracious about something that’s really so uncomfortable...The fact that he would do ‘SNL’ and make fun of the situation is so sweet and so generous. It’s the best possible way to handle something that, I think, could otherwise be very uncomfortable."

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