Earlier this week, news broke that “Desperate Housewives” beauty Eva Longoria’s divorce from her NBA husband Tony Parker is final. But if “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D. has his way, the actress won’t be single for long.

"Eva Longoria would benefit from a night out at Karma with me, I'd make sure she had a good time, and try to get her to move out to Jersey," he told FOX411’s Pop Tarts.

Maybe if Pauly D, real name Paul Delvecchio, is lucky, he could run into a Longoria look-alike at Super Bowl festivities this weekend, although she may have trouble getting access to him. As the MTV sensation tells us, he is beefing up his security this year after some recent scares with aggressive fans.

Late last year, where his mere presence on Rhode Island University’s campus inspired a riot of screaming co-ed students, and he is making sure it doesn’t happen twice.

"I'm afraid of (it happening again) so I beefed up security! I'm rolling deep now, and I beefed up the entourage," Pauly D told FOX411's Pop Tarts ahead of the PepsiCo's private Super Bowl party in Dallas on Friday night, where he'll be working his magic in the DJ booth. "I'm a party rocker so I'm going to rock that party and I'm going to get everyone fist pumping and bring the energy, that's what I do."

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But when you become a kind of television phenomenon, apparently weird things really do happen.

"The one crazy fan experience I can remember is this girl was in the club that I was DJing  at, and she comes running up, makes her way around everybody, and she lifts up the side of her shirt to show her ribs and there was a Cadillac tattoo that I have” he said. “She went and got the same exact tattoo as me, I thought that was a little crazy. I really am flattered a lot of the time but that time I was a little like, 'Whoa!’”

And even though it was MTV's "Jersey Shore" that led Pauly D to the arena of fame and fortune, just don't call him a "reality star." He's a musician, for real.

"I don't really consider myself a reality star and never did. I never tried to be on television, it was never in my career path, it was something that just happened. I'm blessed and I'm glad it did happen, but music is my passion," Pauly D said. "Music has been my life and DJing is where my heart is at, so I'm lucky enough to have a television show that allows me create this audience and now I can DJ and showcase my talents all over the world."

Speaking of global escapades, "Jersey Shore" ignited a firestorm of a controversy last week when it was announced that the upcoming fourth season will shoot in Italy. Several Italian American groups are upset by the move as they feel the show is a stereotypical, inaccurate portrayal of their community - nonetheless, Mr. D just can't wait to get the fist-pumping started.

"Oh my God, when I heard that we were going to Italy, I couldn't believe it. I've always wanted to go, it's always been a dream of mine, like for real, I wanted to go there for vacation. Now that I heard we're filming there, it's perfect for me," he enthused. "Italy is somewhere I've never been, but it's going to be crazy because I've never been, I don't know how to speak Italian, and I don't know what's over there for clubs, food, tanning, and the gym, I don't know where to go! I've never met an Italian straight from Italy out there, so maybe I can find Mrs. Right out there, I'm hoping."

Also high on the agenda?

"I've heard that Italy has topless beaches and I'm definitely looking forward to that because I love the beach," he said. 

Deidre Behar contributed to this report

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