Goldie Hawn's former husband Bill Hudson, father of her actress daughter Kate Hudson, is shopping a devastating tell-all book about his ex.

The proposal, tentatively titled "So You Are a Star," teases: "What if your ex-wife used her public platform to spread rumors about your relationship with your children?" It describes Hawn as "a movie star who enjoyed having 'open relationships' and limiting access to their children."

Musician Bill, who divorced Hawn in 1979, has remained estranged from their children Kate and Oliver, who were raised by Goldie and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell.

After meeting Hawn in 1975, Hudson writes, they once made love for 12 hours until she confessed she was seeing another man. But she sobbed, "You're my soul mate . . . it's just that I've always believed in open marriage." He continues, "We made love everywhere . . . airplane bathrooms, rooftops, under the covers in first-class . . . just any and every place we could find."

He claims actor George Segal told him he once tried to flirt with Goldie during filming, but he was turned down -- "You must be pretty special to her because everybody knows Goldie's always up for a good time."

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