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EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Diaz Drove Cars When She Was Just 9 Years Old

Cameron Diaz. (Reuters)

Cameron Diaz. (Reuters)

Cameron Diaz was a wild, free spirit in her younger years, and it seems her passion for all things fast started at quite the tender age.

“I love driving, love it. I have been doing it well before I should have,” the 38-year-old told FOX411’s Pop Tarts while promoting her new super hero action flick, “Green Hornet.” “My cousin Johnny would put me on his lap when I was nine and let me take the wheel, or he would sit in the middle and put me in the front seat and let me ... I love speed.”

Although Diaz didn’t get to dash around in the movie’s trademark souped-up car in the movie, she made sure to run it out of gas once filming was over.  But (almost) as exciting for the star was being the lone lead female on set, because that meant lots of love from her male counterparts.

“It’s really not that different (being in a male-dominated cast) because guys are just guys and fun to be around and easygoing. They treat you good because you’re the only girl on set,” she said at the film’s Hollywood premiere on Monday. “They get you food. They put things under your feet when you need to put your legs up. They wrap you in cashmere when you’re cold. Yes they were great; they were really, really great!”

Hmmm, one wonders how Diaz’s current squeeze, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, feels about that one…

But back to the concept of super heroes. It may seem at the surface like they’re these creatures with mystical powers, however, Diaz believes that the reason Americans are so captivated by the genre is that they amplify some wonderful, attainable human qualities.

“They are what we aspire to be, what we hope we can accomplish if we were able to have the bravery to perform in that way and save people,” she added. “It’s a very selfless thing to do.”


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